Top 5 BlackBerry Tips and Tricks

Many of our clients rely on BlackBerries. With new devices being released constantly, it can be challenging to keep up with the myriad of shortcuts and functions. When setting up a new BlackBerry for a client, we like to make sure they know the most helpful shortcuts, tricks and functions, right from the start. Below is a list of our top 5 BlackBerry tips and tricks.

1)Basic shortcuts on your new BlackBerry

When you first get a BlackBerry, there is a message in the message list of all the BlackBerry shortcuts. Most people delete this without reading it. You can access this through the Help icon for reference. I recommend the typing shortcuts help section for starters.  Here are some of my favorite shortcuts:

To compose a new message when in the message list press C. To reply press R. To reply to all press L.   When in a list, press B to go to the bottom, T to go to the top or space bar to advance one page at a time.

2) Enter Addresses Quicker

When typing an email address, type the email name then press space. That will add the @ sign. Type the domain name and space again. That will type the period so you can then finish it off with a com or an org. The same goes for typing website addresses. Pressing space will add the periods after www and before com (or any other web suffix).

3) Type frequently used words or phrases with only a few letters.

I sign most of my emails with Thanks, my name. I will also write Thank You or You’re Welcome in many emails I send. Instead of typing the whole word, why not type TY or YW and have it type everything for you automatically? This doesn’t make what you’re saying any less sincere, but saves your thumbs and tendons a few strokes.

To do this:

Go into Options, AutoText and click new. Here you can create as many of these as you want. Just realize that sometimes you may want to type the actual letters only and it will write the whole word. You can also edit existing AutoText entries here.

4) Hide unwanted Icons

Most BlackBerry (FYI, I only had to type bb for it to write BlackBerry) users have a set of icons they use but don’t realize they can hide ones they don’t like or better organize the ones they do. To hide or move an icon, scroll to the icon you wish to hide or move and press the BlackBerry button to the left of the track ball. This will bring up a menu that will allow you to Hide or Move. If you happen to hide something you need, simply hit the BlackBerry button and select Show All.  This will allow you to scroll to the icon and select Unhide.

5) Navigate Lists

So many times I see users struggle as they scroll through long lists and menus. If you are in a list or menu and know what item you are looking for simply type the first letter of the word and it will bring you to all words that start with that letter. To go to the next word with that letter, hit the same letter again.

We hope you find this helpful and remember, never type while driving!

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