Aberdeen Group – Managed Web Hosting Solution


Aberdeen Group, a Boston-based technology research firm, provides a suite of research offerings consisting of benchmarking, market and solution assessments, solution selection and sales acceleration programs to Fortune 5000 companies.

Aberdeen Group delivers a large percentage of their services to their clients via their website. In addition to being a hub for client interaction, Aberdeen Group’s web hosting environment is also the company’s main vehicle for launching direct and indirect email marketing campaigns.

Aberdeen’s reliance on their web hosting environment as a primary revenue source prompted Aberdeen’s senior management to initiate a thorough evaluation and reengineering of their web hosting solution.

Welsh Consulting was tasked with the successful completion of this initiative.

Aberdeen Group’s Objectives:

  • Evaluate Aberdeen’s current web hosting environment
  • Evaluate multiple managed hosting providers
  • Design and implement a managed hosting solution to meet Aberdeen’s business requirements
  • Migrate Aberdeen’s web hosting environment to their new managed hosting provider

Welsh Consulting’s Solution:

After assessing Aberdeen Group’s business needs, Welsh Consulting designed a new managed hosting solution consisting of four web servers. These servers were responsible for delivering content, database, search, secure payment and email services. These business requirements were then used to evaluate multiple managed hosting providers. Upon careful evaluation and negotiation on the part of Welsh Consulting, NaviSite was selected.

Following the design and vendor selection process, Welsh Consulting’s staff worked closely with Aberdeen’s current hosting provider, NaviSite and Aberdeen’s technical staff to manage and facilitate a seamless transition of their business critical systems.

As Aberdeen’s web site is accessed daily by hundreds of Fortune 2000 firms, including clients such as SAP, Oracle and others, as well as sending up to 75,000 emails at a time to clients on a regular basis, the need to seamlessly transition between hosting providers was imperative.

Welsh Consulting’s technical staff utilized MS Project as a planning and organization tool to assure that all parties clearly understood their roles, responsibilities and time requirements of key project tasks. HP servers running Microsoft Windows Server, Internet Information Server and Microsoft SQL Server were employed to deliver the required core functionality. In addition, several third party applications were implemented to fulfill niche needs, such as PayFlow Pro, Ultraseek and a host of internally developed utilities.


Aberdeen Group’s web presence was seamlessly transitioned to their new managed hosting provider. This new solution resides on new network equipment, running the latest versions of various vendors’ software.

Aberdeen Group’s web presence operates from a secure, redundant hosting environment ensuring the continuous operation of this vital part of their business.

Welsh Consulting continues on in an advisory and support role, providing strategic advice, proactive support and administration of Aberdeen Group’s IT operations.

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