Strategic Computer Systems Audit Prepares Company for Acquisition


Welsh Consulting was hired to conduct a strategic computer systems audit for a Boston-based company seeking to be acquired. Due to years of frequent turnover among the company’s IT staff, no documentation existed regarding the firm’s computer systems. Additionally, third- party vendors were being paid to provide outsourced services, yet no contracts could be found and business critical IT systems had not been audited for several years.

This scenario was causing company management to lose sleep as they feared any unexpected network downtime, data loss, security breach or the possibility that a potential acquirer would view them negatively due to the poor state of their current network and computer environment. Furthermore, many company employees were experiencing frequent computer system problems which were significantly impacting their productivity.

Project Objectives:

  • Evaluate the company’s business requirements as they relate to their IT systems
  • Evaluate the company’s network and computer systems
  • Evaluate third-party IT vendors, service agreements and quality of service
  • Provide the company with detailed documentation of their network and computer systems infrastructure and third-party systems, a prioritized summary of technical issues adversely impacting their business and a prioritized list of recommendations to remediate these issues

Welsh Consulting’s Solution:

After assessing the company’s current business operations, Welsh Consulting conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s LAN and WAN environments, as well as other key systems hosted by third parties (websites, managed hosting, etc.). This analysis of the company’s systems consisted of a thorough review of all network systems, computer systems and business applications. The current operation, configuration and capabilities of these systems were mapped to business requirements in order to determine where gaps existed. In addition to this requirements analysis, Welsh Consulting evaluated each system individually to determine whether any improper configurations existed which could cause system problems, security vulnerabilities, etc.

Upon completing the data collection phase of the project, Welsh Consulting spent approximately three weeks analyzing the data that was collected, conducted several additional conversations with key company personnel and compiled the findings of our audit into a deliverable document.

A deliverable document was then developed and presented to company management.


The results of our audit provided our client with a thorough analysis of the state of their IT systems. Our audit uncovered numerous vulnerabilities and improper configurations that both put the company’s business operations at risk and impeded business productivity.

Our audit document also provided our client with a prioritized list of recommended actions which became the working document for remediating these issues over the following months.

Almost all of Welsh Consulting’s recommendations were implemented and approximately one year after the completion of our audit, our client was successfully acquired by a public company.

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