Event Recap – The New Face of Business

At our latest informational seminar, “The New Face of Business“, Abigail Walsh brought to light the importance of the many social media outlets that are available and ways that each should be utilized in a business environment. Focusing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allowed us to delve deep into the unique aspects of each platform and how businesses could capitalize on these mediums.

Utilizing social media in the work place presents a lot of unanswered questions. During this presentation, we were able to discuss in detail, the finer points of how social media can drive branding, new business and help in recruiting efforts.  We also discussed the many frustrations employers face when trying to figure out just how social media can help their business without creating distractions for employees.

A final point in our discussion involved managing social media presence and activity. Specifically, what is appropriate and what is not, when mixing personal and business life online. Abi was quick to point out that it is okay, but preferred, to have two profiles – a business and a personal. This allows a business to maintain a professional presence and separate an individual’s personal profile from what clients and prospects might see, making the social media landscape more appealing to many. Abi cautioned to never say anything on your business profile that you wouldn’t want a customer or client to see.

For a recap of the event, and a helpful hints go-to, visit “The New Face of Business“.

If you are interested in attending our next informational event on May 7th, please visit “Protecting the Company Cookie Jar” to learn about Ned McCrory’s presentation.

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