Hosted Servers and Virtual Desktops

The Cloud is prevalent in today‚Äôs business.  When planning and designing your network topology, Welsh Consulting will consider every aspect of your technology needs to determine if a cloud approach is appropriate.  Whether your needs demand a fully hosted cloud solution, a local on-premise solution or a hybrid option, Welsh Consulting has the resources and expertise to tailor a solution to fit your unique requirements.

We will:

  • Evaluate and assess your business objectives
  • Evaluate and review your existing network infrastructure
  • Research and determine your needs for either a hosted, on-premise or hybrid solution
  • Develop a network design and implementation plan
  • Design, configure, install and test your new infrastructure solution
  • Install new network equipment and software
  • Retire old system hardware and software
  • Provide post-upgrade support to verify network functionality and ensure a smooth system transition

Among the benefits your firm will receive are:

  • Carefully planned network design that meets both your current and future business needs
  • Unbiased network equipment and software recommendations
  • Seamless transition to a new network (transition without data loss, interrupted Internet connectivity or unexpected network downtime)
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