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Antivirus is a critical security component for every business. Welsh Consulting clients benefit from ongoing Antivirus management. Not only do we evaluate and select the best antivirus solutions available, we ensure that our clients are always up to date and benefit from the latest virus definitions.

Patch Management

Patch management may not be the most exciting aspect of computer support, but it can be one of the most important. When a company hires Welsh Consulting for support, they can rest assured that new versions, drivers, patches and critical updates are tested, configured and deployed as soon as possible.


In supporting our clients’ computers and IT systems, we place a very high importance on successful backups. Backups are one of the most overlooked aspects of IT. At Welsh Consulting, we check the backup jobs at each of our clients daily.

Continuous Network Monitoring

Our Network Monitoring Service allows us to monitor key areas of your network for potential problems. This service automatically contacts our consulting staff once an issue is identified so that we can resolve the issue before it impedes your business operations. Our Network Monitoring Service plays an integral role in […]