Strategic Systems Audit and Network Security Assessment

Strategic Systems Audit

Our Strategic Computer Systems Audit provides prioritized recommendations regarding future system improvements and for resolving urgent technical issues.

Intended to be used both as a planning and a diagnostic tool, the Strategic Computer Systems Audit is a logical first step toward planning for necessary system improvements, as well as for identifying any areas of weakness or vulnerability which could adversely affect the overall functioning, reliability and security of a computer system.

Take the guess work out of your computer system assessment and planning process with a Strategic Computer Systems Audit.

Network Security Assessment

Our Network Security Assessment service provides prioritized recommendations for improving the overall security of your firm’s computer systems.

Intended to be used both as a planning and a diagnostic tool, this review of your network security infrastructure, security system configuration and network security policies is the logical first step toward improving your firm’s computer system security.

Every company is vulnerable to security breaches via random or target threats. The Network Security Assessment will ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and that plans are implemented to strengthen your defenses.

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