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Compliance Headaches


Priorities of many companies revolve around security of their data. Compounding on top of that is the need to be up to date with any number of regulations surrounding the protection of personal data. With companies allowing employees to “bring your own device”, BYOD has leapt to the forefront of […]

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Rogue Employees and BYOD

More and more employees are using free and accessible apps on their smartphones for work-related use and storage. While these apps can be useful, they create an additional dimension of stress when it comes to protecting confidential and company-specific data. Once again, companies are left unprotected in this area if […]

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Event Recap: Workplace of the Future

Boston Skyline during Welsh Consulting Hosted Infrastructure Event

Welsh Consulting hosted an educational seminar highlighting the benefits of hosting your network infrastructure in the cloud.  Hosting services are becoming more and more prevalent in businesses of all sizes, and as the availability of hosting providers grows and matures, small businesses can take advantage of the economic gains offered. […]

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Cloud Backups


So, you’ve had it with tapes. They are clunky and heavy and nobody likes taking them offsite. What about when the person responsible for taking them offsite is on vacation, out sick or leaves the organization? You could pay for a vaulting service such as Iron Mountain or Retrieve X […]

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Microsoft to Offer Public Folders in Office 365

Increasingly organizations are moving towards cloud technologies to meet their computer storage and networking needs. Now Microsoft, one of the most prevalent business technology providers utilized by our clients, is incorporating a cloud-based feature as part of the next update of Office 365, its email and productivity suite. We’re commonly […]

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Google Apps for Business a Clear Challenge to Microsoft


Last week, several of us here at Welsh Consulting attended an event sponsored by Google entitled “Coffee. Cloud. Conversation.”  The pretense was to discuss trends in cloud offerings, but the real agenda was to sign up new resellers and channel partners.  The highlight was a chance to chat with a […]

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