Recent Security Vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer

These days it is becoming more challenging to keep our computers secure and up to date. Attackers never stop looking for security flaws they can exploit for malicious purposes. They will typically craft a malicious web page that contains special code that exploits vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer or other commonly […]

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Why You Should Feel Insecure About Employees’ New Smartphones

For years, we helped clients procure, administer and furnish BlackBerries and other smartphones to their employees. Now, most IT departments have begun to adopt a “BYOD” (bring your own device) policy for employee smartphones. This approach allows greater flexibility and personal preference for each user, but is not without peril. […]

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Cloud Backups


So, you’ve had it with tapes. They are clunky and heavy and nobody likes taking them offsite. What about when the person responsible for taking them offsite is on vacation, out sick or leaves the organization? You could pay for a vaulting service such as Iron Mountain or Retrieve X […]

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Microsoft to Offer Public Folders in Office 365

Increasingly organizations are moving towards cloud technologies to meet their computer storage and networking needs. Now Microsoft, one of the most prevalent business technology providers utilized by our clients, is incorporating a cloud-based feature as part of the next update of Office 365, its email and productivity suite. We’re commonly […]

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Virus Threatens to Halt Web Access for Thousands of U.S. Computers

Check your computer for DNSChanger Virus

According to an article in CNNMoney, the FBI is current working to fight a massive cyber threat known as DNSChanger. DNSChanger is a virus that was reported developed and distributed by Estonian computer hackers, over the past five years. To begin addressing the problem, the FBI had the nonprofit Internet […]

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Recent Security Updates and Patches for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows updates and patches

There have been a number of news stories recently about the “Flame” malware that the U.S. government developed. Flame capitalizes on a design flaw that allows individuals to use terminal server certificates to sign code as Microsoft. The malware sets up a “man-in-the-middle” attack and then issues malicious “Windows updates” […]

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Our Report from SBN’s Sustainability Leadership Summit

SBN Seal

This past Thursday, we had the pleasure of attending the SBN 2012 Sustainability Leadership Summit located at UMass Boston. The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) was founded in 1988 and is comprised of various individuals, local business owners, and community leaders who are driven to change the way the […]

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Welsh Co-Sponsors SBN Sustainability Leadership Summit

dennis at sbn

Welsh Consulting is proud to be a co-sponsor of SBN’s Annual Conference on Sustainable Business which is being held today.  Dennis Alves, our Manager of Business Development, is representing us at the event. Hosted for the 23rd year by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston, this dynamic and interactive […]

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