What sets Welsh apart?

At Welsh Consulting, we provide more than just computer support.

We learn your business.

Welsh Consulting specializes in more than just IT support. We commit to understanding your business needs before recommending or implementing a technology solution. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality technical and strategic computer support after taking your unique business goals into consideration.

We do not resell.

Unlike many computer support firms, Welsh Consulting does not resell equipment or accept commissions from equipment vendors. This approach assures that we are completely impartial in recommending equipment and vendors that are the best choice for your firm’s computer support needs.

We work as a team.

We use a team-approach in developing IT solutions for our clients. While many firms are made up of “lone rangers” who shoot from the hip as they troubleshoot your computer systems, we draw from a team of experts in problem-solving. With Welsh, you can be sure that your technical consultant has conferred with the entire Welsh team in determining the best solution for your company.

We practice sustainability.

Welsh has been an independently-owned and operated Boston-based computer support company for over 30 years. Our mission is to enhance the lives of our employees and our clients and to contribute to our community. We believe that the company’s long-term success lies in its ability to strengthen and support this network of relationships in a way that advances the best interests of all.